Can an HVAC Tune Up Help Prevent Major Repairs or Replacements in the Future?

Saving money on future repairs is a great way to ensure that your home is comfortable and efficient all year round. Regular air conditioning maintenance can reduce the likelihood of a costly breakdown by up to 95 percent, and a comprehensive air conditioning prevention and repair plan should include regular preventive maintenance of all components of the cooling system. This includes filters, coils, motors, and other parts that are prone to wear out or damage over time. Regular maintenance extends the life of the system and reduces the likelihood of spending more on repair or possible replacement of the system. Your air conditioner works hard to keep your home cool and is comprised of several components that must all work together for it to work properly.

This machine is exposed to seasonal elements and can easily accumulate dust and dirt. Most breakdowns and expensive summer repairs could have been prevented or detected during a spring set-up. Preventive maintenance can protect your home by detecting problems before they occur, such as the possibility of leaks, condensation problems or poor electrical connections. Regular maintenance gives a Paschal certified technician the opportunity to address concerns that an owner has “learned to live with” and offer solutions to address them. Our customer depends on their air conditioning system to keep them comfortable all year round.

Preventive measures, such as system maintenance and drain cleaning, as well as conversations about current problems, can help ensure that your home is heated and cooled as evenly and efficiently as possible. By scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance, including a post-summer tune-up, you can reduce the chances of having to face costly emergency repairs in the future. Poor maintenance is one of the main causes of air conditioning breakdowns and costly repairs. Identifying problems and carrying out repairs before they worsen will minimize repair costs. During the tune-up, the technician will check the system for damaged or worn parts and will inform you of any necessary repairs or replacements. Eliminating dirt and debris build-up helps improve indoor air quality.

When you use the air conditioning system during the summer season, dirt and debris accumulate inside the unit. During routine maintenance, the technician removes dirt and debris so that nothing contaminates indoor air. A clean system and filter mean cleaner air for you and your family, with fewer allergens, dust and other particles in the air. Annual preventive maintenance allows your air conditioning system to operate at maximum efficiency throughout the season, minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Even low-maintenance systems require a certain level of preventive maintenance.

Following the manufacturer's preventive maintenance suggestions will reduce the frequency and cost of future repairs. Most people let small problems build up over time. Unfortunately, this can cause a significant problem. Instead of making minor adjustments, you may need to replace your entire HVAC system. The HVAC system can account for 29% or more of your home's energy bill. The longer your air conditioning system goes without proper maintenance, the more energy it can begin to consume due to excessive wear and tear.

With an annual HVAC system tune-up, homeowners can save thousands of dollars in future repair or replacement costs. With increasing energy consumption, take the time to do your part to reduce energy consumption by keeping your HVAC system tight and working properly.

Benefits of an HVAC Tune Up

Here are some of the reasons why an HVAC upgrade can benefit your home: During the set-up of a heating and air conditioning system, R&D Heating and Air will perform a complete system test and look for signs of problems that may affect your air conditioning system in the future. Some components are affected by wear and tear that occurs even with regular use, and the tune-up provides the service that these parts need to maintain their condition and prevent deterioration that, in the long run, can cause breakdowns and repairs. Both furnaces and air conditioners must be tuned up once a year, while heat pumps need two a year because they work as home heating and cooling systems. However, if you don't schedule your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to be tuned in the fall, you could end up putting your family at risk. In addition to saving money every month on your energy bills, adjusting your air conditioning regularly will reduce the amount of energy your unit uses and reduce your home's carbon footprint on the environment.

While some homeowners may try to maintain the air conditioning system on their own, it's highly recommended to hire a professional HVAC technician to make adjustments. If your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is not properly adjusted, it could cause parts to break or the air conditioning system to fail completely. An effective way to reduce the potential risks associated with neglecting air conditioning maintenance is to invest in professional services such as cleaning, inspection, preventing repairs and tuning up the system every year.

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